So, AAlgar, LG and I were playing hooky for the day (well, okay, not LG, since he wasn't in high school anymore), and were heading up to the Aaron Space Museum in Washington, DC to see the Star Trek Exhibit. Along the way, we thought we saw something in the woods as we passed the Zekiah Swamp, and so we stopped to investigate. LG pulled out the camcorder, hoping maybe we were going to catch a glimpse of the fabled Zekiah Swamp Thing, and trained it on the woods... we saw movement, and we watched, and waited... but then it turned out to be just this guy, Llainx. As we got back to the car, LG stopped us, and performed a ritual (involving, among other things, singing like the Thugee guards in the Indiana Jones video game) in which Llainx and I became Semi-Unofficial Junior Otters. I'm still not quite sure what that entails, but I felt vaguely proud nonetheless. At least I didn't have to do The Antler Dance.


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