We were filming one of the end scenes for the Bounty Movie "Aerosol Nights" (later renamed "Nick Bounty: Public M"). The scene called for Steve to get thrown off of a bridge. This was really written just as an excuse to try to cause Steve some bodily harm, but he was up for the stunt... until the actual day of filming.

We got to the bridge,he had a wet suit on under his clothes, but now he was having second thoughts. "I don't know guys..." he said. "I don't know how deep it is." Of course we didn't care and kept assuring him that is was good for the film. "But if it's too shallow, I might get hurt. And if it's too deep..."

Mid sentence, Steve was interrupted by a scream followed by a splash. And then another... and laughter. Giggling actually. Steve turned is head to see a group of 8 year old kids gleefully throwing themselves off the small bridge. Having been shown up, Steve jumped and the film was completed.



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