My room, when it wasn't booby trapped by Erik, always seemed to have some sort of public draw. Maybe it was the walls which were adorned with memory inspiring trinkets, inside jokes, snippets of artwork and the obligatory half-naked chick posters. Perhaps it was my checker-board ceiling with the glow-in-the-dark runway and hanging dinosaurs. It may have been my bed which seemed to have the magical power of getting everybody laid but me. Whatever it was, it was never unusual to find someone in my room even if I wasn't there.

It was not even strange to wake up to find that I already had company, but it was odd to wake to find a stranger in my room alone. I sat up in my bed and watched as a trench coat wearing teenager browsed my room, looking at the walls as if he were in an art museum. "Hi." I said, treating this as if it were normal. The stranger nodded and smiled. "Interesting" he replied and added "Here, I brought you a PinaColada."

I accepted the frozen beverage from the kid (which was actually quite good) and allowed him to continue observing. After a few minutes he thanked me and left. I later learned that the stranger was a guy named Lain, a classmate of AAlgar and LG who was being evaluated as a potential Junior Otter candidate. As I got to know him I realized that his quirky behavior and bizarre appearances and disappearances were not at all uncommon. Like Kramer of Seinfeld, it was not at all surprising to see him turn up in the least likely of places. I don't know where he is now... last I heard he was helping to build artificial whales (really)... but I'm sure he'll turn up any second now...


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