I lived with AAl and Mark in Jenkintown, PA for a few short months in the summer of '93. There were only two bedrooms to speak of, so I camped out in the Living room, sort of building myself a room with walls made out of shelving units and blankets, if I recall...

Anyway... During the months I was there, ostensibly searching for work, but not really looking all that hard, I recall a number of things that had to do with food, namely:

Houlihan's Cappuccino. We lived a short walk away from an intersection where there was a Barnes & Noble and a Houlihan's, and we frequented both. Houlihan's had this amazing Cappuccino in an enormous bowl-shaped mug. Many an evening was spent there in contemplation, or writing, or just generally getting schnockered. In fact, one evening there with Mark and myself was my first underage drinking experience, with no getting carded and ordering a Fuzzy Navel. ...unless, of course, you count my step-grandfather (a real 'county' boy) giving me a sip of his beer at the tender age of five. (For the record, I hated it then, but now I'm a beer snob. Go figure.)

Italian/French Sodas. Yummy, overpriced concoctions we often had while browsing through books we couldn't afford at the aforementioned Barnes & Noble, made with seltzer water and one or more of their variously flavored syrups. One was with cream, the other without-- I can't recall which. If I remember correctly, my favorite flavors were raspberry and almond, with cream. Mmmmm...

Doc Brown's Cel-Rey Soda. This was listed for a while on Mark's web page about food that shouldn't exist. Honestly, it wasn't all that bad, but I did prefer some of Doc Brown's less exotic flavors, like Birch Beer. Speaking of bad, though...

Egg Cream / Chocolate Smoothie. These were two different bottles, but I forget exactly which stories applied to which. They were both equally hideous, and prompted AAl on several occasions to introduce someone new to the experience by taking a sip, and then exclaiming, "Oh, that's horrible! Here-- you've got to try it!" I believe it was the Chocolate Smoothie that sat in the refrigerator for months on end, and Mark would occasionally go back for another sip, hoping that perhaps it had improved. In fact, I believe when I visited Mark in the same apartment a year after I had left, that same bottle of Chocolate Smoothie was still in the 'fridge.

And, finally... Frito Soup. At one point, we were so incredibly broke that Mark made soup out of... I believe, Kool-Aid and Fritos. We ate well that night, I tell you.

Mmmm... guimpo! Schluuuuuuurp!


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