It is fairly common knowledge that Erik was able to pull off a prank that involved announcing (falsely) on two major radio stations on two separate coasts that I wanted to be a woman. As a result of this I started receiving a disturbing number of wolf whistles at school along with a string of anonymous "love letters" at my locker. I even received a phone call from some guy asking me to the prom after I joined the female gender. After years of enduring Erik's torture I finally decided that it was time he got a little bit back. I tried responding on the radio station, but the DJ's (Don & Mike) were not interested in a running joke and thus I failed to get on the air. Instead, I turned to a more hands on approach. I created a flyer. Okay, I made hundreds of flyers, all of which named Erik as some kind of creep campaigning to alter the gender of men.

I distributed these flyers at all three local high schools, all of the major shopping centers in the county and just about anywhere I could publicly staple it.
Later, at Matt Boswel's under 21 night club, The Club Down Under, I would see my work pay off. We had all gotten into the club without paying the cover charge (Being an Otter has it's perks) we proceeded to hang around the "bar" and pester the young man working there for free drinks. Soon, a strange (And somewhat effeminate) guy approached Erik with his index finger extended. "I know you!" he announced "You're that guy on the flyer I found on my car." "Hey, I got one of those too!" I heard another voice say. As the look of confusion on Erik's face grew, the stranger ran to his car to retrieve the flyer and clarify his words. I took this opportunity to make myself scarce. A few minutes later, as I was leaving the club, I heard Erik screaming my name in a scene that I imagine was similar to Kirk screaming "KAHN!!!"
Ok, so I hadn't reached as wide an audience as Erik, but I had influenced the people that matter, those in my immediate surroundings. That day the people saw my retaliation and I knew that my small pond had just become that much smaller.


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